Buyers Guide


Buying vintage watches can be alot of fun, but as many of these watches are quite old, often 30 years or more, there are specific circumstances you need to be aware of when bying a vintage watch. In the list below I have specified important points on buying vintage watches from Time and Grooves, please read this before buying.

Important information on vintage watches

  • I list the watch as vintage if it is 30+ years old.
  • Unless otherwise specified in the description, the service history is unknown.
  • Unless otherwise specified in the description, the watch does not come with original papers, box or packaging.
  • I am not a watchmaker or a watch professional, but I will research the watch history and inspect it with my limited ability.
  • Service or verification of the watch is the responsibility of the buyer after receiving the watch.
  • Any discrepancies or faults will be listed in the description.
  • I will test the accuracy of the watch over a few days, but please bear in mind that it is normal for vintage mechanical watches to lose a couple of minutes per day.

    Shipping and returns

    • I generally ship the products within 1-3 business days.
    • The checkout process will calculate shipping costs based on buyer location.
    • I ship in a package with tracking and insurance, I will list the full purchase price to guarantee accurate insurance.
    • Please understand that I do not take local taxes or import fees into account in the list price, this is solely the responsibility of the buyer, so make sure that these circumstances are covered to avoid surprises.
    • I accept returns within 3 days of buyer receiving the watch, return shipping is the responsibility of the buyer, but is to be at the same quality level as when I ship the product.
    • Refunds will be given when I receive the watch back, and only if it is in the same state as when shipped from Time and Grooves.

    Read more about buying vintage watches

    • Get expert advice on buying vintage watches from Watchtime here (an informative read, highly recommended).
    • Worn and Wound have a great guide on buying watches from eBay here, plenty of the points there are generally valid.
    • 'A Blog to Watch' has an article here which describes buying used watches in different price ranges.


    Feel free to contact me with questions or comments.